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Three videos to help you become
a high growth firm with aligned Marketing and Business
Development strategies

Watch each video to help you create more

Marketing and Business Development Leads. 

If you have no alignment

your growth initiatives will continue to fail.

“Why isn’t my marketing producing results?”

“Why am I not getting the right leads?”

“Why isn’t my firm growing faster?”

Overcome all of these obstacles and more when you get FREE

access to the 5 Minute Growth Makeover.

Stop spending unnecessary money on marketing. No longer attract the wrong clients.

When you align your Marketing and Business Development strategies, you will win more ideal clients.

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Jon Hubbard

The 5 Minute Growth Makeover is taught by Jon Hubbard, Shareholder & Consultant of Boomer Consulting, Inc.. He helps accounting firm leaders find success in the areas of leadership, talent and growth. He also guides firms to grow and be more effective in the areas of client service, marketing and business development. Jon speaks at various industry conferences, user conferences, state societies, and associations. He is a Storybrand Certified Guide and Certified Kolbe Consultant.


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5 Minute Growth Makeover

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