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Deanna Perkins

Solutions Manager




twitter: @deannalperkins


As the Solutions Manager for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Deanna works to help clients and prospective clients identify their dangers, opportunities and strengths.  Once these are identified, she works to develop a personalized game plan for their firm to focus on the area, or areas, they need to improve on most. These areas are critical to a firm’s success and future-readiness; Leadership, Talent, Technology, Process and Growth.



Deanna approaches her work with an eye out for ways to simplify processes and initiate change. She is particularly gifted in improvising solutions to urgent challenges and never fails to offer an eager willingness to help anyone at anytime. Deanna is a reliable team-player who fully invests herself in the task at hand to ensure that the job gets done.


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Unique Abilities


Deanna is passionate about connecting with any type of individual. She enjoys building relationships beyond the scope of business and helping others with any needs they may have. Her delivery of honest feedback is something she is well known for among her friends and coworkers. Deanna also has a unique gift for using technology to leverage client relationships, and she continually assists with improving technology processes within Boomer Consulting, Inc.




Deanna is a graduate of Kansas State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Industry, accompanied by the Equine Science Certificate. She also received her Associate in Arts degree from Highland Community College. Deanna loves to read, continually learn and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out. Currently, Deanna lives in Manhattan, Kansas with her husband, Tony, their daughter, Jera and their son, Avery.

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