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Derek Olsen

Derek Olsen

Solutions Advisor





As a Solutions Advisor for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Derek Olsen is passionate about helping members get matched up with the right Circle community and seeing how a peer community gives them more energy for their roles. 


Before joining Boomer Consulting, Derek was a licensed insurance agent selling Medicare health insurance and helped his wife run her voice-over coaching business. 


When free to use his strengths, Derek starts the problem-solving process by fact-checking and determining practical and appropriate priorities. Next, he creates a plan of attack and advocates for what needs to stay the same. Finally, he visualizes solutions. 

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Unique Abilities 

Derek’s forte is combining his Fact Finder sense of history with his Follow Thru talent for seeing themes. He uses the greatest amount of energy figuring out the background of a problem and the steps necessary to solve it. That firmly establishes a path that requires the contribution of his other conative strengths to accomplish his best work. 



Derek has a Business Management degree from Oklahoma State and lives in Kansas City. Outside work, he stays busy coaching his two daughters’ softball teams and taking them to gymnastics, piano, and violin lessons. He also enjoys playing guitar and bass and going to concerts. 

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