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Erin McCormick







As the Director of Project Management for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Erin plans, organizes, secures and manages resources for the firm’s many service and program areas, including providing assistance and constant communication with clients and sponsors and serving as an even liaison. Her primary duties include overseeing and managing the specifics of all Boomer Consulting, Inc. communities, such as the Boomer Technology Circles, CIO Circle, Managing Partner Circle, Business Transformation Circle and Operations Circle.


Before joining Boomer Consulting Inc., Erin was the Director of Content Development for a top website management company based in Manhattan, Kansas. Her principal responsibilities included leading the employees of the content development department and managing the content development process for new and existing clients. She also worked closely on projects related to identifying new strategies and methods for increasing productivity and efficiency for content development. Prior to that role, she focused on client communications and marketing where she facilitated and relayed information about current and upcoming features and functionality. During her time at CivicPlus, her experience and knowledge perfected her skills to serve as the client communications liaison to more than 800 cities and counties across the United States and Canada.



Erin McCormick is a natural researcher and detail analyst. This, coupled with her instinct to organize and create processes, allows Erin to be insightful when planning and executing the various programs and services of Boomer Consulting, Inc. Erin is able to manage multiple projects by relying on her aptitude for assessing specifics and developing action plans to accomplish objectives crucial to a project's success. Always wanting to protect the status quo, Erin stays focused on operational efficiencies when implementing new ideas.


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Unique Abilities


Erin is a researcher by heart. Through her own diligent exploration and client-set expectations and goals, she has the capacity to identify complex personalized strategies and plans for her clients from day one. Her keen attention to detail and her aptitude for developing solid plans and procedures allows her to make sure projects run smoothly and successfully. By reducing unexpected events and chaos during the project process and clarifying deadlines, events and meetings, Erin is a model project manager.




Erin received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. After graduating from K-State, Erin went on to earn her Master's Degree from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts in International Marketing and Communications. Erin currently resides in Manhattan, Kansas with her dogs, Porter & Marley.  

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