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Erin Shively

IT Coordinator





As IT Coordinator for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Erin Shively is excited to grow the company’s existing tech stack with new and emerging technologies. Her role includes troubleshooting technology issues, tracking and creating internal processes, and handling on-site tech set up for events at the Accounting Innovation Center. 

Before joining Boomer Consulting, Inc., Erin spent over a decade with the U.S. Army, then worked for a private government contractor and a subcontractor for Black & Veatch. 



Erin spends a great deal of time and energy digging into the past. She defines, then compares problems and opportunities, assigning priorities to them. Only then does she use her other conative strengths to figure out what comes next. 

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Unique Abilities

Erin is fantastic at making comparisons, documenting information, and defining priorities. She can be counted on to research historical details, become an expert in areas of special interest, and make strategic decisions. 


Erin lives in Kansas City, Kansas. Outside of work, she enjoys remodeling her home, interior design, and reading historical non-fiction. She’s an avid crafter who crochets, knits and sews and is currently learning how to quilt. 

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