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Hailey Hilbert

Hailey Hilbert

Client Service Coordinator





As a Client Service Coordinator for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Hailey Hilbert is excited to meet members from different Circles and hear about firm challenges and opportunities from various perspectives. Her primary focus is planning Circle meetings and handling events at the Accounting Innovation Center. 

Before joining Boomer Consulting, Hailey taught high school English.  


When free to use her strengths, Hailey starts problem-solving by fact-checking and determining practical and appropriate priorities. Next, she brainstorms and looks for ways to fit the project into the system. Finally, she visualizes solutions.  

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Unique Abilities 

Hailey leads with background information, making sure it helps promote future possibilities. She also uses her Fact Finder strengths to justify the Quick Start need for urgency. This sets her up for using all her conative strengths to make unconventional yet practical decisions. 


Hailey has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Missouri — Columbia. She lives in Kansas City with her rescue dog, Tim. Outside work, she enjoys trying new restaurants and reading mysteries, thrillers, memoirs, biographies, and whatever latest bestseller everyone is buzzing about. 

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