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Leadership Development Tailored to
CPA Firms ​

 Turning new partners and managers into confident and capable leaders​
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Perform at a Higher Level​

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Develop Core Leadership Skills​

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Improve Engagement and Retention ​

Training Emerging Talent to Perform
at a Higher Level​
No longer lose talent due to poor management in the middle of the firm.​
A leadership development program designed specifically for CPA firms​.
  • Losing top talent because you aren’t investing in their future

  • Struggling with succession planning

  • Wasting time and money learning the hard way

  • Promoting technical experts with no leadership skills

Learn More about the Boomer Leadership Academy

Learn More about the Boomer Leadership Academy

You Deserve Leadership Training Tailored to CPA Firms​
New partners, managers, C-Suite professionals and administrators for leading CPA firms​.

Professional facilitators who have trained hundreds of emerging leaders​.

Confident leaders need to develop skills related to talent, technology, process and growth​.
Three Simple Steps
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1. Register Now

Complete your registration and

lock in your spot.

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2. We Connect

One of our Solutions Advisors will review your registration and schedule a call to discuss the program.

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3. Attend the Training

Attend the training, create a game plan to develop your leadership skills, and get ongoing accountability while working toward your goals.

What makes the Boomer Leadership Academy so different?

At Boomer Consulting, Inc. we know how important it is for firms to have confident and capable leaders. However, many of the people in your firm are technical experts who struggle to develop the leadership skills needed to be successful at the next level. 


The problem is, most leadership development programs don’t address the unique challenges and opportunities of CPA firms. As a result, firms end up losing top talent due to poor management at the middle level of the firm. We believe you should have access to leadership training tailored to the CPA profession which is why we created the Boomer Leadership Academy.

Who should attend:

Boomer's Leadership Academy is tailored for emerging leaders, new partners, managers, C-suite professionals and administrators in CPA firms. Participants will develop skills in self management, client management, team management and practice development. 

This is a three-year program and groups meet twice a year for a day and a half each session. If your firm has 15 participants, in-house virtual or on-site training options are available. 

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Register now to secure your spot at our next session.

  • We’ll review your registration and connect with you.

  • Attend the training to create a game plan to develop your leadership skills and get ongoing accountability as you work toward your goals.

So, register today. And in the meantime, download our Guide to Developing Managers. So the emerging leaders in your firm can begin performing at a higher level.​

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Jon Hubbard
Shareholder, Chief Growth Officer

Leadership Academy

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Arianna Campbell
Shareholder, Chief Operating Officer

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Download the 

 Guide to

Developing Managers

“The accounting profession today employs many gifted individuals who possess the technical skills to perform at an extraordinary level. Recognizing these skills, owners select the best and brightest and elevate them to mid-level management, hoping they will transfer their capabilities to co-workers and cultivate an entire team of superstars. ”  

– Sandra Wiley

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