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2023 Most Powerful Women in the Accounting Profession

We are thrilled that our very own Sandra Wiley, Shareholder and President and Arianna Campbell, Shareholder and Consultant were selected as one of the 2023 Most Powerful Women in the Accounting Profession by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and CPA Practice Advisor. Key characteristics of this year’s winners include:

  1. She has been the driving force to create a culture of excellence, innovation, and inclusion. If she is a vendor, she has helped to develop the technologies and solutions that will empower organizations to be more productive and profitable.

  2. She is one of the top leaders in the accounting profession and her leadership has had a demonstrable effect upon the accomplishments of the organization with which she is associated.

  3. She is a mentor, sponsor, and a role model, someone who stands out in her ability to encourage and help those around her thrive and flourish.

  4. The work she does is influential and is having a positive impact on the accounting profession as a whole.

Winners were announced at Engage 2023 in Las Vegas. Congratulations all!


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