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Accounting Technology that Streamlines Your Tax Preparation Workflow

Evaluating your firm’s tools and procedures as you prepare for tax season helps identify areas in your processes that would benefit from a more streamlined workflow. Manual processes monopolize your staff’s time but adding more tools in your tech stack can overwhelm them. The best way to prepare your firm for the tax year ahead is to consider each of the factors of a streamlined workflow in your firm. Increase the effectiveness of your staff as well as the satisfaction of your clients. Equip your team with the accounting technology in the SafeSend Suite™ tax workflow automation platform. Reduce tedious tasks and elevate the client experience.

A Proven Automation Solution for Engagement Letters and More

Start the tax year off with engagement letters that engage your clients with ease of use and engage your staff with the ease of a streamlined workflow.

SafeSend Signatures™ eliminates the hassle of paper and the tracking nightmare of emailed documents. As part of the SafeSend Suite, SafeSend Signatures provides unlimited access to gather signatures on documents from engagement letters to 8879s. Say hello to accounting technology that gets your documents signed and returned in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

Not just for engagement letters, any number of documents can be sent for signature with SafeSend Signatures at no additional cost throughout the year when you are using the SafeSend Suite.

“We reduced our Adobe contract by $90K once we signed up with SafeSend.” – Russell Goldberg, Partner, Withum

Digital Client Organizer Accounting Technology Enhances Information Collection

Traditional paper client organizers have a historically low return rate. PDF organizers save the firm time over mailing paper organizers. However, clients end up burdened with printing, filling it out, then scanning it to send it back to the firm. SafeSend Organizers™, part of the SafeSend Suite, is a simple-to-use tool that converts static PDF organizers from your tax compliance software to a fillable form that you can send directly to your client! Clients follow the easy-to-understand process, complete their organizer, and upload source documents. The process is completed electronically – no printing or scanning required on their part.

This simple, secure process saves time, money, and headaches associated with gathering information to prepare tax returns.

Experience Quality Sleep During Tax Season

Increased workload/burnout is a major reason that staffing still suffers in the accounting profession. Working 50, 60, or 70+ hours a week during tax season has been standard operating procedure for many years. However, with the accounting technology in SafeSend Returns®, the core of the SafeSend Suite, sleeping well is possible.

“What’s SafeSend worth? When you're sleeping well during the busiest season because your

processes are working smoothly, and your staff isn't complaining, you can't put a number on that other than priceless.” – Rob Morris, President, Robert W. Morris & Company P.C.

SafeSend Returns is a multi-year award-winning accounting technology that uses automation to collate and organize digital tax returns, giving your firm a streamlined workflow across the assembly and delivery process. The cloud-based workflow automation platform allows staff to work easily from any location. Plus, tracking and reporting features eliminate the need for manual tracking of where all your clients are in the review process.

The client experience is elevated to red-carpet levels with SafeSend Returns’ intuitive client interface that walks them through the review and e-signing process, step-by-step. Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is used to grant access and their return, so they never have to remember a username or password to access their completed return – which is stored and available to them for seven years.

Accounting Technology that Meets Strict Secure Document Delivery Requirements

Send encrypted PDF documents to clients or to banks and other financial institutions via email with SafeSend Exchange – the number one firm-client file transfer solution for the accounting profession. SafeSend Exchange is the only document and file delivery solution offering a client portal, file sharing system, and automated PDF encryption all in one application with direct Microsoft® Outlook® integration or accessibility through the online platform.

Now part of the SafeSend Suite, SafeSend Exchange overcomes the challenge of serving taxpayers who want their data sent via email. Firms automatically encrypt email attachments from within Outlook with SafeSend Exchange. Password confusion is eliminated with customizable “question & answer” based authentication, giving your firm high adoption from clients.

Breeze Through Extensions

SafeSend Extensions™ allows your firm to send extension packages to clients in minutes. Tracking and payment options are available as well. Delivery, review, and collecting signatures if they are required is a breeze. The same, familiar look and feel across the entire tax engagement ensures both staff and clients can easily adopt the process and benefit from the standard experience across the SafeSend Suite.

The simple yet powerful tools in the SafeSend Suite address pain points across the entire tax engagement. Experience a streamlined workflow and a taste of the suite life as you elevate the client experience when you implement the SafeSend Suite.

“The SafeSend Suite has really solved so many pain points of our firm.” – Cheryl Papay, Sax LLP

SafeSend’s mission is to automate the tax and accounting profession with innovative, emerging technologies that help practitioners work more efficiently and serve their clients better. Progressive accounting firms and tax professionals rely on our unique and robust solutions to make their lives easier and their work more enjoyable.

SafeSend offers several foundational technology solutions for the tax and accounting profession. Our flagship offering, SafeSend Returns® is a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award and has redefined the way accounting firms digitally assemble, securely deliver, and quickly capture e-signatures from clients for completed tax return packages. Additionally, we offer TicTie Calculate®, an Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in for accounting professionals. Visit to learn more about our digital solutions.

The SafeSend Suite workflow automation platform offers powerful functionality to tax and accounting professionals to address every client touch point across the tax engagement. Automate the manual tasks often associated with the back and forth of client communication through each season of the tax year!

  • Engagement Letters – SafeSend Signatures™

  • Client Organizers – SafeSend Organizers™

  • Assemble & Delivery – SafeSend Returns®

  • Secure File Exchange – SafeSend Exchange™

  • Extensions – SafeSend Extensions™

At the core of the suite, SafeSend Returns, a multi-year winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Technology Innovation Award, eliminates the manual, labor-intensive tasks many tax departments experience during the assembly and delivery of client-ready tax returns.

Visit the SafeSend Suite page of our website to learn more about automating your tax engagement workflow and schedule a demo!


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