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Artificial Intelligence Now Integrated into UpLink’s PBC Software

May 31, 2023 - UpLink, a leading provider of document request and management software for accountants and auditors, is excited to announce the integration of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into its platform. This AI integration allows users to ask questions directly about the documents that clients upload, streamlining the data analysis and extraction process, and expediting sample testing for audit engagements.

UpLink's AI integration has been specifically designed to efficiently query and extract relevant information from long-form PDF documents and multiple documents simultaneously, which has traditionally been challenging and time-consuming to do manually. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, users can now effortlessly ask questions or designate data points. The system will then rapidly identify, extract, and summarize the desired information from the uploaded documents and link to the source so answers can be verified. The parallel processing of queries allows sample testing to be performed in mere seconds, significantly enhancing overall efficiency and productivity of audit teams.

"UpLink is committed to providing accounting professionals with the best tools and solutions to make their jobs easier and more efficient," said Alex Maher, CEO of UpLink. "Our new AI integration is a game-changer for how accountants and auditors interact with their clients' documents, reducing time spent on manual tasks and allowing them to focus on more strategic and valuable work."

Key features of UpLink's AI integration include:

1. Simple Question-Answer System: Users can simply ask questions related to the documents and the AI will search through the content to provide accurate and relevant answers, streamlining the data extraction process.

2. Citations Provided with Answers: Answers from the AI always include a citation that is identified within the source document. The system automatically annotates the sources in PDFs which are made available for download.

3. Efficient Sample Testing: The AI-powered document analysis enables faster sample testing by quickly identifying and extracting the required data from a large number of documents, saving time and effort for accounting professionals. Bulk export of the AI results are the basis for workpapers.

4. Secure and SOC 2 Compliant: UpLink's AI technology is designed with the highest security and compliance standards in mind, ensuring that sensitive client information is protected at all times. The data provided is not used to train any models and strictly adheres to data protection policies.

"We believe that this AI integration will revolutionize the way accountants and auditors work with client documents," added Alex Maher, CEO at UpLink. "By providing a powerful, easy-to-use solution, we are helping our users save time, reduce manual effort, and focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients."

UpLink is dedicated to continuously improving its platform to meet the evolving needs of accounting professionals. This latest AI integration is just one example of UpLink's commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and empower users to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

To learn more about UpLink and its AI integration, visit or follow UpLink on LinkedIn. UpLink will also have a booth at the AICPA-CIMA Engage conference on June 5-7 in Las Vegas to answer any questions and provide onsite demonstrations.

About UpLink

UpLink is a leading provider of document request and management software specifically designed for accountants and auditors. With a mission to empower accounting professionals with innovative technology solutions, UpLink has developed a user-friendly platform that streamlines document collection, organization, and analysis. UpLink's software is trusted by accounting firms across the country to help them save time, reduce manual effort, and improve overall client satisfaction. For more information, visit

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