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Avii Announces Significant Uplifts to Financial Modules In Avii Workspace for Accounting Firms

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, May 8, 2023 - Avii, a leading provider of accounting software, today announced enhanced Financial Modules within the Avii Workspace platform. The significantly expanded features streamline and automate the processes that range from accomplishing accounting services to tracking financial elements that include project budgets, resource planning and assignments, hours scheduled, time keeping, reporting, billing, utilization, realization, and projections.

Firms can choose between relying solely on Avii’s native Financial tool sets and/or interconnecting Avii Workspace with existing non-Avii systems to establish deeper integrations and automation across the firm’s software landscape. The result is improved user experiences, firm efficiencies and profitability, and client satisfaction. Three key solution sets redefine the enhanced Financial modules:

  1. Redesigned Hours/Timecard/Scheduling toolset. The Hours tool offers additional search and filter capabilities, saved searches, auto-saving searches/filters, and the ability to add comments to time entries. Time submission is now easier than ever, including the option for users to submit and self-approve time entries, with reporting to show who has submitted and unsubmitted hours for a specific time period. Manager approval is also improved, with the ability for managers to approve or send back submitted time entries (individual or bulk), and assign managers to oversee time-entry for specific clients, projects or teams. Additionally, firms can define when time entry reminders are sent on a period-basis, and automate time entry reminders.

  2. Improved estimating and time budgeting. This toolset focuses on estimating and budgeting time for projects. Budgeted hours automatically roll over from previous periods. Budgeted time defaults as per the parameters of roles on project types. Projects can also have role-based time budgets, and users can get a visual representation of their scheduled hours vs. target hours. The platform also accounts for holidays and PTO, with the ability to track PTO hours.

  3. Advanced features & templates for actuals-to budgets reporting. The third toolset provides advanced features for actuals-to-budgets reporting with the ability to assign activity codes to specific project types, the ability to create charged-hour templates for billing expectations, and hour-goals templates to improve resource planning management. User’s charged-hours expectations can be modified from the templates. Avii Workspace also offers more flexible utilization and realization reporting, where managers can access utilization and realization variance reports, and users can see their own utilization and realization numbers in real-time.

"Over the past year, we worked closely with our large-to-small sized firms to define and deliver a substantial uplift to the Financial modules within the Avii accounting software platform," said Lyle Ball, Avii CEO. "Avii closed the industry gap between doing accounting services and accounting for those services.”

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About Avii

Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting, and compliance organizations with an integrated suite of mission-critical practice management software solutions. Avii Workspace is the most automated workspace + portal for accountants and their clients, driving consistent experiences, exchanges, workflows, communications, and deliverables to propel business success.

Avii Workspace is most effective for tech-forward firms from Big Four down to firms with ~50+ total employees. For firms that seek to go deeper into technology automations and integrations, Avii provides an Advanced Technology Toolbox with SSO, API, data warehouse, webhooks, and custom fields.

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