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Botkeeper Launches Two New Products that Break Down Scale & Cost Barriers for Accounting Firms

Machine learning-powered bookkeeping leader leverages automation gains to create a more accessible offering for accounting firms.


BOSTON, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Botkeeper, the leading machine learning-powered bookkeeping solution purpose-built for accounting firms, has announced the launch of a new pricing model intended to break down cost barriers, increase scale, and provide greater access for firms of all sizes. Botkeeper's packaging has been reworked into a scaling model that provides a more consumable approach to the Botkeeper offering, bringing greater value and flexibility to accounting firms that want to use the powerful solution. The industry disruptor has been able to reduce its overall cost of entry by capitalizing on internal scale and efficiency gains brought on by automation. On the heels of the company's most recent announcement, Botkeeper has gone all-in on the accounting profession as exhibited in their product design, firm lead-generation initiatives, and now their ROI-driven packaging.

Botkeeper's new pricing structure aims to address the barriers faced by smaller accounting firms trying to bring efficiency gains to their practice through the use of automation. The two new products and their tiered pricing structure allow accounting firms to begin leveraging a CAS management platform and AI for as low as $10K per year. These new products and pricing effectively make Botkeeper the most affordable AI-powered bookkeeping solution on the market. By leveraging Botkeeper's platform, accounting firms can now easily provide fixed or subscription-based pricing to their clients, locking in more desirable margins and unit economics.

"Virtual practice management has taken on new importance as firms have had to adapt to a remote world, and the need for time savings brought on by automation was felt heavily across the entire accounting sector in 2020," said Botkeeper General Manager Byron Patrick, CPA. "As we watched the last year unfold, Botkeeper realized now more than ever, we need to be the utility that powers the accounting community to deliver quality bookkeeping services to their clients while allowing accountants to shift their focus to important and necessary higher-value services. Because of our rapidly evolving technology, we now are in a position to lower the barrier of entry for automation opportunities to firms of all sizes. From a sole practitioner with a small and growing practice to a Top 100 firm, we are now an affordable option for all."

"We've spoken to so many small firms that want to take the leap to implement automation into their practice," said Botkeeper CFO Edward Shaughnessy. "We decided to go back to the drawing board on our pricing and see what we could do to help. The new pricing structure is our way of offering a flexible solution that allows firms of all sizes to leverage the Botkeeper platform and experience the power of automation."

Botkeeper has been an evangelist for the accounting industry, creating a solution that combines powerful technology with a strong team to solve some of the biggest bottlenecks faced by accounting firms daily. This new pricing comes at an important time, as firms and their business clients continue to face unprecedented global economic challenges and emerging competition from the likes of venture-backed firms and startups.

"Botkeeper has experienced tremendous growth since setting out on our mission to revolutionize accounting back in 2015," said Botkeeper CEO and Co-Founder Enrico Palmerino. "With the addition of incremental transactions processed by each entity deployed on the Botkeeper platform, along with our ever-evolving and maturing technological efficiencies, our platform continues to become better, faster, and smarter. We have truly been able to automate the non-automatable, drastically reducing our processing time 40 to 60 percent, resulting in a superior AI solution. Furthermore, we have continuously elected to pass along the efficiency gains directly to the accounting firms using our software, providing them with a solution where the cost per client goes down as you continuously add more clients to the platform. The result is an economic model that completely contradicts the traditional economics of an accounting firm as it grows."

To learn more about becoming a Botkeeper Accounting Partner, visit or send an email to to talk with a specialist.


Botkeeper is a leading automated bookkeeping solution that supports accounting firms and their clients, by utilizing a powerful combination of skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The various packages provide full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solutions, a consolidated platform consisting of tools to optimize firm processes, and the highest quality support, all designed to meet our clients' unique needs at any stage of growth. Accounting firms running on Botkeeper are able to grow their book of business, diversify their service offering, increase capacity, and reduce stress during tax time—all while improving their overhead costs. The powerful and easy-to-use solution has helped firms across the United States to maximize their potential, better serve their clients, and do more of what they love.

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