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Build It or Buy It: The Future of Technology in Accounting

Choosing the Right Approach for Your Firm

No one solution will address every opportunity or challenge your firm and your clients face. But good software should address all the concerns noted above. Before you take on the time and expense of developing and supporting a homegrown solution, look at the options that are already available in the market. Consider whether an existing solution can get you most of the way there.

If your current software vendors (or another reputable solution provider) already have the features and functionality to meet your needs, buying is the easiest and least costly option.

When you work with an established solution provider, you gain an advocate invested in your success. When your firm wins, your solution providers win. This motivates them to bring solutions to the table far beyond the features and functionality they’re currently known for. They’re not just trying to solve current problems but looking ahead to identify challenges on the horizon.



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