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E20 - How to Create a Growth Mindset

Welcome to the Boomer Briefing Podcast, where we help you solve a critical business issue in 20 minutes or less.

This episode, host Jon Hubbard, Shareholder/Consultant at Boomer Consulting, has a conversation with Boomer Consulting CEO, Jim Boomer. They discuss how mindset shapes how you and your firm grow, the energy growth mindsets give to teams/leaders, ways to develop a growth mindset, fallacies of mindset, committing to lifelong learning, choosing the right role models, challenging current beliefs, setting a vision/defining goals, looking at failures as opportunities, authenticity, disrupting yourselves before you become the victim of disruption, and operating a vision without a plan.

  • Twitter: @JimBoomer

  • LinkedIn: @JimBoomer

  • Email:

  • Jon on Twitter: @Jon_Hubbard

  • Jon on LinkedIn: @jonhubbard

Look out for new episodes every Tuesday, involving The Boomer Advantage 5 Pillars of a Successful Firm: leadership, process, technology, talent, and growth.

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