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E97 - Rethinking Firm-wide Meeting Standards

Welcome to the Boomer Briefing Podcast, where we help you solve a critical business issue in 20 minutes or less.

This episode, host Jon Hubbard, Shareholder at Boomer Consulting, has a conversation withBoomer Solutions Advisor, Megan Schottler. They discuss capacity strain, remote meeting complexities, meeting overload, efficient meeting procedures, too much time in meetings, unavailable time, avoiding burnout, and next steps your firm can take.

  • Megan on Twitter: @megan_BCI

  • Megan on LinkedIn: @meganschottler

  • Jon on Twitter: @Jon_Hubbard

  • Jon on LinkedIn: @jonhubbard

  • Email:

Look out for new episodes every Tuesday, involving The Boomer Advantage 5 Pillars of a Successful Firm: leadership, process, technology, talent, and growth.

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