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Making Positivity a Priority

by Liesl Walser, Project Coordinator

It’s easy to let negative thoughts and feelings creep in at this moment in history. Businesses are closed or struggling to stay open, people are out of work, everyone is worried about their own health and safety of their friends and family members. That’s a natural response, but despite everything going on in the world, keeping a positive mindset can go a long way in managing through this difficult time.

I’ve been making positivity a priority by looking for opportunities that may improve our work lives when the crisis is over. Here are a few I came up with.

More agile offices

Many thought leaders in the accounting profession – including our own consultants at Boomer Consulting, Inc. – are predicting a permanent leap in the number of people working remotely.

Many offices have been sitting empty for weeks. Even as parts of the country start to reopen, many employees will likely continue working from home to maintain social distancing.

With more people working from home, firms will likely need less office space. And firms that continue occupying a physical location may not be willing to sign a long term lease. This should help firms become more agile, able to scale quickly to shifts in the number of people they employ. Organizations will be able to pay only for space they need when they need it.

Businesses are getting creative and resilient

Like many people with a secure job right now, I’ve been doing what I can to support local businesses. So many small businesses have moved quickly to adapt to new restrictions. Restaurants are offering take-out and delivery. Retailers are offering online ordering and curbside pickup. Museums, zoos and other entertainment venues are finding new ways to give people things to do without leaving their homes.

I certainly look forward to the day when I can enjoy a nice meal with my family in a restaurant, browse a local shop on the weekend and meet up with friends for a concert. Still, it’s inspiring to see how creative and resilient small business owners can be when faced with a challenge.

Enjoying new methods of communication

Our team at Boomer Consulting, Inc. has been using video conferencing for a long time, but I know many of our clients have used it for the first time in recent weeks. Trust me, if you feel uncomfortable in a video conference, just keep going. You’ll get used to it eventually. You can even turn off your self-view if you don’t like seeing yourself. Plus, it will help you focus on the other person and create a better personal connection.

How to make positivity a priority in your life

On a personal level, we might not have a big impact on the future of work after COVID-19. Still, there’s a lot we can do right now to maintain a positive outlook. Here are a few techniques I’ve been using.

  • Give to those in need. It’s been amazing to see people coming together to help those in need right now. There are so many opportunities to help, from donating money to sewing face masks or fostering pets. Focusing on others can help us forget about our own troubles.

  • Connect with family. Even if you can’t be with your family in person, it’s important to connect with them. If you didn’t have time to call or write before, you might have more time now. Make those connections a priority.

  • Spend time outside. Being cooped up in the house so much has really made me appreciate being active outdoors, and I can tell my neighbors feel the same. Whenever possible, spend time outside while practicing social distancing. It can make a huge difference in your outlook.

  • Take time for self-care. It’s easy to fall out of healthy and happy routines when you don’t go to work or even leave the house, but it’s helpful to maintain a sense of normalcy and take care of yourself. I take time every day to make my bed, do 10 minutes of cleaning, stretch, and practice a hobby.

  • Remember the positive. At the end of the day, spend a few minutes reminiscing on three positive things you did, read, heard or experienced during the day. You can do this in a journal, discuss it with someone in your household or just think about it on your own. It’s a much healthier way to spend the last few minutes of your day than reading the news!


As a Project Coordinator for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Liesl Walser is putting her passion for planning and organizing to work by planning and overseeing events at the Accounting Innovation Center and supporting, planning and executing projects.

Before joining Boomer Consulting, Inc., Liesl worked in the accounting department of an insurance company and spent five years working across multiple roles at a country club. No matter the position, she enjoys being able to work with people and have a positive impact on their day.



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