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When it comes to understanding blockchain technology, we’ve seen many accounting firms and solution providers become distracted by attention-grabbing headlines and buzzwords. This sense of hype often keeps organizations from acting on this critical emerging technology.

Knowing how difficult it can be to slice through the noise with emerging technologies, 
we hosted the Blockchain Innovation Accelerator in July of 2018. This one-day workshop was aimed at helping firms accelerate their success in understanding blockchain and its applications and giving professionals the clarity and confidence to lead their firms in understanding blockchain technology.
In the session, we: 

  • Reviewed the basics of blockchain, including key terminology and the advantages of its technology
  • Examined the basics of cryptocurrencies, various types of digital tokens and their investing applications
  • Set up a crypto-wallet and initiated transactions
  • Discussed the concept of self-sovereign identity, a concept of personal identity controlled by the individual as opposed to a governing body
  • Set up a digital identity
  • Discussed the ecosystem of blockchain services and solution providers, key players and their roles
  • Dove into the advanced technological concepts that make blockchain secure, distributed and immutable
  • Discussed real-world applications for blockchain happening now in a variety of industries
  • Brainstormed where blockchain applies to our current clients as well as the accounting profession

Discussed how to start the conversation about blockchain in participants’ firms

The Accelerator was a huge success, with attendees reporting that they had a-ha moments and insights, walked away with a much better understanding of blockchain and felt more c