A tax department leader taped a fortune to the back of her monitor. She would often point to it when someone would enter her office and say; “Houston, we have a problem!” The fortune states; “problems are just opportunities dressed in work clothes”. This fortune rings true in today’s ever changing world, especially for CPA firms. Many predict that technology and automation will revolutionize the compliance work firms have counted on as their bread and butter.


Clients see how technology has changed their personal lives. Remember the computers used by NASA during the journey to the moon? There is now more computing power in the palm of your hand! Your clients’ expectations have changed and your firm must deliver faster, cheaper, better and easier! You have invested in various technologies and trained staff members on how to best use it. Yet, the same question persists; do I have the right technology and is my team sufficiently trained on how to use it? Your internal structure, the changing landscape of technology and your clients’ view of technology create the perfect storm.


Click HERE for more information on the Guide to Using Lean Six Sigma to Make Software Decisions: A Boomer Advantage Guide

Using Lean Six Sigma to Make Software Decisions: A Boomer Advantage Guide

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