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Prepare Your Firm’s Talent for the Future
Gain confidence in your people and hiring strategy
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Be Confident in Your Talent Decisions

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Work on the Right Initiatives

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Prepare Your People for the Future

Stop Losing Top Talent
No longer lose your best and brightest people to burnout.
You deserve to work with an HR strategist that understands the CPA profession.
  • Losing top talent

  • Falling behind the competition

  • Lack of clarity about what’s happening in the profession

  • Putting your firm in jeopardy

  • Demotivated and burnt-out team members

  • Building the wrong team

HR strategists that understand the CPA profession and know to connect vision to the human strategy.

Know the decisions you’re making will help propel your firm into the future.

Confidence that you’re structuring your team’s human resources the right way.
Three Simple Steps
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1. Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss your firm’s
goals and talent needs.

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2. Get a Plan

Get clarity on your firm’s most

critical objectives and create

a go-forward strategy.

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3. Implement and Achieve Your Goals

We work closely with you to implement your strategy and achieve your objectives.

Learn More about Talent Consulting

Learn More about Talent Consulting

What makes Boomer Talent Consulting so different?

At Boomer Consulting, Inc. we know how difficult it can be to find the right HR strategist who understands the CPA profession and the human element of business. That can lead you to feel anxious or uncertain about your talent strategy.

In today’s firm, you don’t want to lose valuable talent or build the wrong team for the future. That’s why our talent experts are 100% focused on the accounting profession and committed to giving objective advice that fits each firm’s unique needs.

As HR strategists focused on the CPA profession, there are many ways we can help your firm. A few examples include:

  • Assessing your existing human resources and strategy

  • Performing strengths assessments that can be used for hiring or team building

  • Assist with hiring executives

  • Provide actionable advice around diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Coaching team members and executives

  • Restructuring the organization or company culture


So, complete an interest form today. And in the meantime, download 5 Strategic Areas of Focus for Your Talent Team so you can begin implementing an organizational structure that is positioned and accelerating into the future.

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Sandra Wiley
Shareholder, President




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Arianna Campbell
Shareholder, Chief Operating Officer

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Jon Hubbard
Shareholder, Chief Growth Officer

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5 Strategic Areas of Focus for

Your Talent Team

Talent is the most important asset in any CPA firm. People are essential to a firm's long-term success and its ability to execute its vision and strategic plan. In the past, many CPA firms viewed HR primarily as an administrative function, and its strategies were fairly simple. Now, that perception has changed. Read about the five strategic areas of focus for your firm's talent team. 

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