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Become a Leader Who Drives Firm Strategy Through Technology
Join a Peer Group of Firm and IT Leaders in the Accounting Profession
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Better Align IT and Firm Strategy

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Gain Confidence in Your Firm’s Technology Decisions

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Build Strong Trusted

Access a Trusted Network of Peers & Expertise To Help you Navigate Opportunities & Challenges
No longer feel frustrated and concerned with the complexity
of leaching
technology in your firm
You deserve to have better alignment between IT strategy
and the firm’s overall strategic goals.

  • Making the wrong strategy decisions

  • Wasting money on professional networks that don’t have what you need

  • Falling behind in your technology efforts

  • Wasting resources on the wrong IT projects

  • IT initiatives that don’t support the firm’s overall strategy

Learn about the Boomer Technology Circles

Learn about the Boomer Technology Circles

Firm and IT Leaders from top firms.

Professional facilitators provide group direction, structure and facilitation. 

Benefit from access to top experts and solution providers.

Three Simple Steps
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1. Apply Now

Complete your membership application.

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2. We Connect

After reviewing your application, we will talk with you about the Circle and if you are a good fit.

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3. Attend the Next Meeting

Get plugged into the Circle, connect with other IT and firm leaders and start realizing value.​

What makes the Boomer Technology Circles so different?

At Boomer Consulting, Inc. we know how frustrating and complex it can be to lead technology in a CPA firm. But it’s a lot easier with a trusted network of peers and access to expertise that can help you navigate the opportunities and challenges. ​

That’s why we created the Boomer Technology Circles: to get firm and IT leaders in the same room so they can align their strategic decisions, reduce risk, save time and money, and improve their firms’ overall strategy for growth.​


Here’s how you can join:

  1. Apply Now by completing your Membership Application.

  2. We’ll review your application and connect with you.

  3. Attend your first meeting, connect with firm and IT leaders from other top accounting firms and start realizing value.

So, apply today. In the meantime, download the Highlights from the most recent Meeting so you can gain a deeper understanding of how technology and the business can work together.​

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Jim Boomer
Shareholder, CEO

2022 Sandra Wiley.jpg

Sandra Wiley
Shareholder, President

The Boomer

Technology Circles 


2022 Marc Staut.jpg

Marc Staut
Shareholder, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

2022 Amanda Wilkie.jpg

Amanda Wilkie

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Download the 10 Highlights

from the most recent 

Boomer Technology Circles™ Meeting

To give you a better idea of the topics members of the Boomer Technology Circles are discussing, we've compiled the highlights from our last meeting. In this report, you will get a glimpse of the depth and breadth of conversations members are having as they reduce risk, save time and money and improve firm strategy.

2024 Spring Meetings

BTC 1, May 14-15

BTC 2, May 16-17

BTC 4, May 14-15

BTC 5, May 16-17

August 18 - 21, 2024

2024 fall meetings

BTC 1, November 12-13

BTC 2, November 14-15

BTC 4, November 12-13

BTC 5, November 14-15

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