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Become a Leader Who Drives Firm Strategy Through Technology
Join a Peer Group of Firm and IT Leaders in the Accounting Profession
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Better Align IT and Firm Strategy

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Gain Confidence in Your Firm’s Technology Decisions

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Build Strong Trusted

2023 Boomer Technology Circles Summit
August 13-16, 2023
Access a Trusted Network of Peers & Expertise To Help you Navigate Opportunities & Challenges
No longer feel frustrated and concerned with the complexity
of leaching
technology in your firm
You deserve to have better alignment between IT strategy
and the firm’s overall strategic goals.

  • Making the wrong strategy decisions

  • Wasting money on professional networks that don’t have what you need

  • Falling behind in your technology efforts

  • Wasting resources on the wrong IT projects

  • IT initiatives that don’t support the firm’s overall strategy