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Gain Knowledge and a Proven Framework​
For Leading Change in Your Firm​

Connect with other Process Managers, Project Managers and Change Leaders in the Accounting Profession​
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Gain Confidence in Your Abilites

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Follow a Proven Framework to Reduce Complexity

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Get the Support You Need to Be Successful

Avoid Feeling Alone as You Create
Change in Your Firm

 No longer feel frustrated and overwhelmed with navigating smart, intentional change in your firm
You deserve support, guidance and a proven framework
to execute change smoothly and successfully.​

  • Lacking confidence in your ability to lead change initiatives

  • Feeling alone as you push for change in your firm

  • Falling prey to common pitfalls

  • Losing traction in your continuous improvement efforts

  • Selecting the wrong tools or team members

  • Losing your competitive advantage

Learn about the Process Circle

Learn about the Process Circle

Process Managers, Project Managers & Change Leaders from top accounting firms.

Professional facilitators providing group direction, structure and facilitation. 

Accountability as you strive to push your firm forward.

Three Simple Steps
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1. Apply Now

Complete your membership application.

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2. We Connect

After reviewing your application, we will talk with you about the Circle and if you are a good fit.

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3. Attend the Next Meeting

Get plugged into the Circle, start connecting with others and realizing value.​

What makes the Boomer Process Circle so different?

At Boomer Consulting, Inc. we know how frustrating and overwhelming it can feel to navigate smart, intentional change in your firm. While you’ve had some great wins in this area, it can be tough to keep the momentum up without a proven framework for making it happen and ongoing support to help you navigate opportunities and challenges. ​

That’s why we created the Process Circle: to give process managers, project managers and change leaders the support and guidance they need. We’ve helped hundreds of these professionals apply a proven framework and make a positive difference in their firms.​


Here’s how you can join:

  1. Apply Now by completing your Membership Application.

  2. We’ll review your application and connect with you.

  3. Attend your first meeting, connect with other process managers, project managers and change leaders from top accounting firms and start realizing value.

So, apply today. In the meantime, download the Highlights from the most recent Meeting, so you can gain confidence in your ability to lead smooth and successful change in your firm.​

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Arianna Campbell
Shareholder, Chief Operating Officer

The Boomer
Process Circle 

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Amanda Wilkie

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Download the 10 Highlights
from the most recent 
Boomer Process Circle™ Meeting

The Boomer Process Circle™ is a community of the accounting profession’s top process and lean leaders and champions within CPA firms. These leaders gather to collaborate and share leading-edge best practices in the areas of process improvement and innovation. Boomer Process Circle™ members meet twice a year to share knowledge, discuss what the future holds for public accounting firms and build relationships with peers. 

2024 spring Meeting

April 30 - May 1

Accounting Innovation Center, Kansas City, MO

2024 Boomer Circle Summit

August 18 - 21

Loews Hotel, Kansas City

2024 fall Meeting

October 24 - 25

Accounting Innovation Center, Kansas City, MO

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