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3 Benefits of Engaging in a Professional Peer Community

When it comes to our careers, we all want to feel like we’re a part of something bigger. We want to be surrounded by people who understand what we do and can help us grow professionally and personally. That’s why engaging in a professional peer community is so important.

Penn State’s Center for Economic and Community Development defines community engagement as seeking “to better engage the community to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, decision-making or implementation.”

That definition is a pretty good fit for the Boomer Circle communities. In many ways, community engagement has been a guiding force and core value in our services from the beginning. Here are three benefits we’ve seen our members enjoy.

Fresh perspectives

When you consider becoming a part of a community, you should seek a community that provides different perspectives. Being exposed to various viewpoints offers opportunities to receive new information. In addition, different opinions help you consider your question, issue or project from several different directions.

You will get positive and negative feedback. You will get answers that you never considered. You may even get responses that you don’t want to hear. But in the end, the information you receive will help you make the best-educated decision for you and your firm.

Sharing your expertise

When we think about community engagement, we often think about seeking feedback or advice from others. But expressing your opinion and providing feedback is just as important. You don’t always have to be the one asking questions. You can be the one answering questions and providing guidance. Feedback and opinions from all angles are valuable. You may be surprised at just how much you know that can bring value to others!

Building relationships

Relationships are important! Whether personal or professional, community connections propel us to success. With the right people in your community or networking circle, you can create a dedicated, dynamic group that wants to help one another succeed.

Part of the value of joining a Boomer community is the ability for our members to connect between meetings. We aimed to create the ultimate community engagement tool for our members to continue conversations beyond the meeting room. We use a variety of platforms to help connect members and keep the questions, ideas and relationship-building flowing between meetings

As we wind down our Fall meeting schedule, we look forward to helping our members grow and thrive within their communities.


Are you interested in engaging in a dynamic community that can further your career?

Boomer Consulting, Inc.’s Circle communities create a structure for gathering fresh insights, solving problems, and helping members grow as leaders and as people. Complete a membership application today, and we’ll reach out to schedule a short call to discuss how you can benefit from being a member and get you registered for your first meeting.


As the Director of Project Management for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Erin plans, organizes, secures and manages resources for the firm’s many service and program areas, including providing assistance and constant communication with clients and sponsors and serving as an even liaison. Her primary duties include overseeing and managing the specifics of all Boomer Consulting, Inc. communities, such as the Boomer Technology Circles, CIO Circle, Managing Partner Circle, Business Transformation Circle and Operations Circle.


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