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6 Reasons Your Firm Should Invest in Content Marketing

by Heather Robinson, Marketing Manager

One of the main differences between high-growth firms and average firms lies in their marketing. Firms that invest in their marketing – both in time and dollars – are more visible, reach more potential clients, and encourage more qualified prospects to reach out and request information about their services. One of the tactics these high-growth firms use is content marketing.

Content marketing involves sharing relevant written, downloadable and visual media so potential clients can learn about your brand, expertise and services. When you think of content marketing, you might imagine your firm’s website. However, content marketing includes everything the firm shares online, including blogs, social media, newsletters, press releases, articles, white papers and more. Content marketing is useful for accounting firms because it gives potential clients something of value instead of just pushing your services.

Benefits of content marketing for accounting firms

If you haven’t yet invested in content marketing, it might be because you’re skeptical of the long-term benefits. If so, these benefits might convince you.

  • Increases visibility. Content marketing increases your chances of being found by prospective clients. By offering content that relates to your ideal client, you can target the types of clients you want to serve.

  • Builds trust and authority. Almost anyone can provide accounting and tax services. Content marketing helps show your knowledge and establishes you as a trustworthy leader in the field.

  • Creates a strong online reputation. According to one survey, 90% of consumers use the internet to find a local business in the past year. If you don’t have a strong online presence, you won’t be able to capture these people.

  • Improved brand reputation. When people read your content, they build an impression of your brand. If they perceive what they read as helpful, informative and enlightening, they’ll have a more favorable impression of your brand. When they see your content published or shared elsewhere, they’ll perceive you as more trustworthy and an established thought leader in your field.

  • Increased client loyalty. Great content isn’t just about attracting new clients. It can also increase loyalty from your existing clients. When clients read and share your content, they begin to rely on you as a primary source of information.

  • Compounding value. Content marketing can be incredibly cost-effective, and its value grows over time. Your first few pieces of content may not yield much in the way of results, but as you start to create and share consistently, you will begin to see results.

How to get started with content marketing

For many accountants, their day-to-day jobs are already demanding, so producing, publishing and promoting high-quality content may sound impossible. These tips should help you get started.

  1. Choose a medium. If you like to write, blogging and writing articles for outside publications may be right up your alley. If you prefer speaking, try podcasting, hosting webinars or creating videos for YouTube or Facebook.

  2. Select a niche. As a CPA, you have a wide range of knowledge and experience but start by focusing on a single niche or and start creating useful content for that niche.

  3. Share your expertise. One challenge accountants face is knowing what to write or speak about. So let your clients be your idea factory. What questions do you get over and over again? What concerns do your clients have? How can you help them? The best topics are those that are highly relevant to your niche audience but don’t go quickly out of date, so you don’t have to continually update your posts or videos.

  4. Let your content generate leads. Put your most valuable content behind a contact form so potential clients have to provide an email address to access it. People are more likely to provide their contact information if the content solves a problem. Templates and in-depth guides work great for lead-generation.

  5. Leverage unique skillsets. In every area of your firm, you understand it’s important to have the right skillsets in place, and content marketing is no different. If you have people on your team that are good at writing or speaking in a way that clients can understand and relate to, lean on them for your content marketing efforts. Otherwise, you may have better results with outsourcing content creation.

Remember, the purpose of content marketing is to provide valuable, relevant information with your target clients. It’s not about pitching your services or pushing the same. It’s about building trust and authority. When done well, the sales will follow.

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As the Marketing Manager for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Heather’s primary focus is on developing the firm’s marketing strategy and brand awareness to help drive business results. She manages and executes marketing and business development initiatives, with daily oversight of the website, social media, and thought leadership content. In addition, as a part of the Business Development team, she provides leadership and strategic planning on marketing and communication practices for the firm.

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