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From Business as Usual to Unusual Business

by L. Gary Boomer, Visionary & Strategist

Today’s business model was already changing before the Coronavirus, which puts a new emphasis on firm leadership and management. The business environment can best be described as transformational: from business as usual to unusual business. There are many reasons for this transformation beyond the pandemic Covid-19. The most obvious areas are talent, technology, processes, leadership and the desire to grow in order to sustain success and remain relevant in the changing market.

Most importantly, the scale of disruption and opportunities are increasing for those who are aware, willing to learn and change rapidly. Accelerating and converging technologies have transformed into accelerating and converging markets. The basics generally come into play in times of increasing change, and the past few weaks are no exception.

Here are five do’s and don’ts during this time of unusual business.


  1. Mindset – make sure you keep a positive mindset. This can be accomplished by focusing on helping others (your clients) and personal gratitude.

  2. Communicate with clients and team members focusing on their three biggests dangers, opportunities and strengths. Focusing on priorities will enable you to survive and thrive in the future.

  3. Remote workforce – learn and make it a positive experience. There will be positives as well as challenges coming out of your remote working experiences.

  4. Focus on adding value to your clients. This includes the experience as well as the accuracy of the technical service. Many firms are temporarily closing physical offices.

  5. Technology – leverage your existing investment and expand your remote working capabilities. Who is more important than How. Reach out to your peers who have many virtual workers.


  1. Become the local bank. Continue to focus on billing and collections. This is a partner responsibility. Learn about government programs that will assist clients and their businesses.

  2. Ignore your clients. They need your capabilities and confidence even more than your technical capabilities. Value is created through leadership, relationships and creativity.

  3. Ignore your employees. They are integral to your team and need to remain confident and expand their skills.

  4. Withold communications because you don’t have all of the facts. Provide access to relevant sources with regular updates. All firm virtual meetings are efficient and effective if properly planned and executed. Cadence is important.

  5. Forget about you. Stay healthy and exercise often. Designate “the next man up”! Play as a team.



Do you want the tools and accountability to start from where you are now and get where you want to be?

The Boomer Certified Consultant Training program helps equip accounting professionals with the mindset and skills to become true trusted business advisors to clients. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique 3.5-day training program, email us at solutions@boomer.comto schedule a call today!


L. Gary Boomer, Visionary & Strategist of Boomer Consulting, Inc., is recognized in the accounting profession as the leading authority on technology and firm management. He consults and speaks around the globe on several topics including strategic and technology planning; mindset, skillsets and toolsets for the future; change management and developing a training and learning culture. He also acts as a planning facilitator and coach to some of the accounting profession's top firms.


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