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Invest in Project Management Training for Your Team

Every firm leader wants to enhance their firm’s operational efficiency. While technology and process play a big role in achieving this goal, another strategy is to invest in project management training for your team members. 

CPAs and other professionals in your firm handle client engagements and other tasks that require attention to detail, communicating with other team members, and adhering to budgets and deadlines. Understanding solid project management principles can help them successfully navigate these responsibilities, regardless of their level or role. 


Who needs project management skills? 

Effective project management involves more than just overseeing various tasks; it requires a well-defined approach that encompasses clear goals, budgets and standards for deliverables. 

By implementing a structured framework for project management, your team members can anticipate potential risks and barriers, effectively manage resources and help ensure projects come in on time and on budget. 

Benefits of project management training 

Project management training—whether in the form of formal certification or informal, on-the-job training, offers multiple benefits. 


Identifying goals and standards 

Setting goals and maintaining quality standards drive efficiency and accountability. These goals guide the direction of a project and serve as benchmarks against which firm leaders can measure success. 


Budgeting and resource allocation 

Understanding the firm’s capacity and resources helps people set realistic budgets and allocate resources efficiently. This ensures that projects are planned and feasible, considering the time each team member can dedicate. 


Enhanced communication and accountability 

Effective project management training improves communication within the firm.  

It clarifies expectations and keeps all team members on the same page, increasing project transparency and engagement. This fosters a culture of accountability and ensures everyone involved can deliver on their commitments. 


Quality assurance and continuous improvement 

Another benefit of effective project management is ensuring the deliverables meet the firm’s standards. 

Adopting a mindset of continuous improvement, where team members document lessons learned from past projects and integrate them into future projects, enhances the quality and efficiency of the firm’s operations. 

How to provide project management training to your team 

There are many ways to help your team members develop their project management skills. 

Certifications like Project Management Professional (PMP), PRINCE2, and Agile provide structured training. However, some team members can also benefit from workshops, webinars, self-study programs, and even internal training sessions that don’t lead to a certificate. This flexibility allows firms to tailor their training programs to the specific needs of their staff and the firm’s goals.  

Getting this training for your team isn’t just a firm investment. It’s also a form of professional development for employees. Gaining expertise in project management can open up numerous career advancement opportunities. 

By empowering your team members with the skills to manage projects efficiently, communicate effectively, and continuously improve operations, you can improve experiences for employees and clients and maintain a competitive edge in a highly competitive profession. So start looking for opportunities to invest in project management training. It will help ensure your firm remains adaptable, efficient, and above all, client-focused in its approach to handling internal and external engagements.  


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As Member Experience Strategist for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Erin plans, organizes, secures and manages resources for the firm’s many service and program areas, including providing assistance and constant communication with clients and sponsors and serving as an even liaison. Her primary duties include overseeing and managing the specifics of all Boomer Consulting, Inc. communities, such as the Boomer Technology Circles, CIO Circle, Managing Partner Circle, Business Transformation Circle and Operations Circle.


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