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Learning Leadership, Life Skills & Confidence with Eagle U!

Every parent wants to equip their children with the life skills and academic qualifications to become confident, responsible and well-rounded adults. We try to help them choose a college and career, define goals and discover the tools to reach them. But just as some organizations need a consultant to tell them what they already know, teenagers sometimes learn better from their peers than from their parents.

That knowledge is part of the reason parents send their children to Eagle University, a four-day fun and action-packed program that equips high school and college students with the skills and tools to get anything they want out of life.

Each year, Boomer Consulting awards full scholarships for Eagle U to a handful of high school and college students. We asked a few parents of those students to share their family’s experiences with us. We asked them why they thought Eagle U would be a good opportunity for their child, what their child had to say about it and the changes they’ve seen since. Here are their stories.


Dena Hull, VP of Planning & Communications, Missouri Society of CPAs

Dena heard about Eagle U from Sandra Wiley, President of Boomer Consulting. Having worked with Sandra over the years, Dena says she knows that Sandra’s programs are spot-on. “She’s always at the leading edge in terms of resources,” Dena said. “Sandra’s programs have helped me, so I knew anything she recommended would be good for my daughter.”

Dena approached her daughter, Kylie, and showed her an Eagle U video. Kylie was not excited at first, but Dena recognized that the experience would push Kylie outside of her comfort zone, so she encouraged Kylie to apply despite her misgivings.

Dena’s persistence paid off. On the second day of Eagle U, Dena received a text from Kylie asking her to sign her up for next year. Kylie calls Eagle U the best experience of her life. Kylie typically has some anxiety about new situations and people she doesn’t know, but she said she was stunned by how quickly people clicked, opened up their minds and opened up to each other.

Kylie came home excited to plan for the next school year. Already an active and motivated young woman, Eagle U gave her a renewed sense that she can accomplish anything and everything she wants.


Dennis Sherrin, Managing Partner, Hartmann Blackmon & Kilgore PC

When Dennis heard about Eagle U, he knew it would be something his son Kody would enjoy. At the time, Kody was preparing for his Freshman year of college and, being a member of a peer network himself, Dennis knew that the discussions Kody would be a part of at Eagle U would be just as important as any lessons taught by an instructor.

“I shared the Eagle U information with him, and he immediately showed interest,” Dennis says. “You have to understand, Kody has a pretty good poker face. He normally doesn’t show fear or excitement. For him to take to it so quickly said a lot.”

As an Eagle Scout, Kody already had quite a bit of leadership training and is organized by nature, but Dennis says Eagle U reaffirmed a lot of the things Kody learned previously. He was most excited about the time spent in group activities and the friends he made from all over the country, some of whom Kody has kept in touch with since that summer.

“Anytime you have an opportunity to be a part of something like that, it’s worthwhile,” Dennis says. “Especially if you’re motivated going in.”


Melody Sutton, Network Manager/IT Director, LattaHarris LLP

Melody heard about Eagle U when Steven Anderson spoke at the Boomer Technology Circles Summit and just knew it was something her daughter, Kasey, had to attend so she signed her up right away. By the following summer, Kasey was swamped with activities, mission trips, conferences, and college orientation. Kasey asked her mom, “Why am I going again?”

Melody says, “I just thought about the old saying, ‘You won’t always remember what someone says, but you will remember how they made you feel.’ I couldn’t remember exactly what Steven Anderson said, but I remembered the overwhelming feeling that Kasey had to go.”

Kasey previously attended several Christian conferences, so they both expected Eagle U to be another conference-like experience, but on the second day at Eagle U, Kasey told her mother this was the most amazing experience she’d ever had. While she loved everything about Eagle U and the relevant life skills they taught, what made the most impact was belief. “It’s one thing to get the tools,” Melody said. “It’s another to believe you can use them.”

Melody says that belief has persisted. “Kasey already had confidence. Now she is walking confidence. She’s talking about all the friends she wants to come to Eagle U again with her next year. She says you would have to TRY not to fit in to not get something out of this experience.”


Do you know a high school or college student

that would benefit from attending Eagle University?

If so, we’d like to sponsor their attendance at the next Eagle University

July 18th - 22nd

Baker University ~ Baldwin City, KS

Get more information and apply for a full scholarship at


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