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Tracking Your Firm’s Workflow Beyond Tax and Audit

by Randi Kranzler, amelio, by HKMP Technologies

Whether you’re performing tasks yourself or delegating them to staff, managing and tracking workflow is critical. This was true back when accounting firms relied on paper routing sheets. It still holds true for firms that rely on an automated workflow solution to route projects efficiently through the firm, keep tabs on the status of multiple projects and provide a better client experience.

Most firms have realized the benefits of using an automated workflow solution for compliance processes, such as preparing tax returns, compilations, reviews, and audits. But what about tracking workflow beyond tax and audit?

Every day, your people spend time on advisory and consulting engagements, responding to IRS notices, drafting letters to clients, onboarding new clients, and other tasks. These activities may not always follow a strict or consistent path to the deliverable – perhaps that’s why they’re often overlooked during a firm’s process improvement initiatives. However, these activities require resources and impact client service. So don’t they deserve the same care as other projects and engagements?

We believe they do. Here’s why... read more


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