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Develop a Road Map for the Future
Get a clear vision of where you want to be and a plan to get there
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Better Communication at All Levels

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Consensus and Buy-In with Your Partner Group

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Confidence that You’re Focused on the Right Priorities

Avoid Wasting Time on the
Wrong Firm Initiatives
Get everyone in the firm on the same page
and progressing toward your goals.
Your firm needs a vision and a strategic plan to prepare for the future.
  • Struggling to reach a consensus with your partner group

  • Treading water instead of making progress toward goals

  • Unnecessary spending on the wrong initiatives 

  • Wasting time and money on the wrong initiatives

  • Team members who don’t know where the firm is headed

  • Misunderstanding of the value of your services

Get consensus and buy-in from your partner group.

Feel confident that your firm is focusing on the right priorities at the right time.

Ensure everyone in your firm knows where the firm is headed and is working toward the same goals.
Learn More about Strategic Planning and Visioning

Learn More about Strategic Planning and Visioning

Three Simple Steps
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1. Complete the Interest Form

We’ll discuss your firm’s
goals and needs.

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2. We Connect

A Solutions Advisor will schedule a

call to discuss your needs.

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3. Grow Your Firm

Get clarity on your firm’s most important objectives, a one-page action plan, and ongoing accountability as you

implement your plan.

What makes Boomer Strategic Planning and Visioning so different?

At Boomer Consulting, Inc. we know how hard it can be for partners who are so close to the firm’s dangers, opportunities and strengths to focus on the big picture and the firm’s most critical objectives.

The problem is, without a written vision and strategic plan, it’s difficult to get buy-in from your team, make progress toward your goals and prepare for the future. That’s why we created the Boomer Strategic Planning and Visioning process and have helped hundreds of accounting firms build consensus and alignment around their firm vision, strategic objectives and measurements. We’re also experts at providing ongoing accountability systems to firm leaders who are working toward their goals.​

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Complete an interest form.

  2. One of our Solution Advisors will schedule a short call to discuss your needs.

  3. You’ll work with one of our industry-leading consultants to get clarity on your firm’s most important objectives, create a game plan and get ongoing accountability to implement your plan. 


So, complete an interest form today. And in the meantime, download the Boomer Advantage Guide to Strategic Planning. So you can start taking the most direct path to seeking the results you want.

2022 Sandra Wiley.jpg

Sandra Wiley
Shareholder, President

Planning and Visioning Consultants

2022 L Gary Boomer.jpg

L. Gary Boomer
Shareholder, Visionary and Strategist

2022 Jim Boomer.jpg

Jim Boomer
Shareholder, CEO

2022 Marc Staut.jpg

Marc Staut
Shareholder, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

2022 Arianna Campbell.jpg

Arianna Campbell
Shareholder, Chief Operating Officer

2022 Jon Hubbard.jpg

Jon Hubbard
Shareholder, Chief Growth Officer

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Download a free copy of our 

Boomer Advantage Guide to

Strategic Planning

“In order to maximize your profitability, you need a written plan detailing your firm’s strategy. Our one-page system reduces the time required, builds consensus, provides consistent communications, ensures accountability and is easy to maintain.”   

– L. Gary Boomer

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