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A Peer Group of Talent Professionals
Connect with Other Talent Professionals in the Accounting Profession
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Be a More Confident Leader

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Transform Your Firm into an Employer of Choice

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Build Valuable

Long-Term Relationships

Avoid Making the Same Mistakes Other Firms Have Made
No longer waste time and money learning the hard way
Talent professionals should be learning from each other
  • Making the wrong strategy decisions

  • Struggling to improve recruitment and retention

  • Selecting the wrong HR technologies and tools

  • Slipping collaboration and engagement

  • Falling prey to common pitfalls other firms have learned to avoid

  • Building the wrong team

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Top Talent professionals from large firms.

Professional facilitators providing structure and thought leadership.

Confident Talent professionals are better equipped to prepare their firms for the future.

Access to top experts and solution providers.

Three Simple Steps
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1. Apply Now

Complete your membership application.

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2. We Connect

After reviewing your application, we will talk with you about the Circle and if you are a good fit.

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3. Attend the Next Meeting

Get plugged into the Circle

and start connecting with other

top talent professionals.

What makes the Boomer Talent Circle so different?

At Boomer Consulting, Inc. we know that you want to be a confident HR or talent leader. And in most cases, you are. However, you’re at the level now that connecting with other top talent leaders is more beneficial to you than attending sessions at a conference.

The problem is, other networking groups for talent professionals aren’t specific to the accounting profession, so they don’t offer experience and insight into the unique challenges our profession faces. We believe you should have a professionally facilitated peer group which is why we created the Talent Circle.


Here’s how you can join:

  1. Apply Now by completing your Membership Application.

  2. We’ll review your application and connect with you.

  3. Attend your first meeting, start connecting with top HR and talent professionals from other top accounting firms and gain access to top experts and Solutions providers.

So, apply today. In the meantime, download the 10 Highlights from the most recent Meeting, and start shaping your firm for the future.

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Sandra Wiley
Shareholder, President

The Boomer

Talent Circle 


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Jon Hubbard
Shareholder, Consultant

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Arianna Campbell
Shareholder, Consultant

Talent Circle - 2020 Highlights Web Cove

Download the 10 Highlights

from the most recent 

Boomer Talent Circle™ Meeting

The Boomer Talent Circle™ is a community of talent leaders from forward-thinking firms who are committed to aligning human resources and firm strategy at the highest levels. Members focus on elevating their knowledge to improve leadership beyond HR compliance. Firm talent leaders meet to share knowledge, develop their code of conduct and begin building relationships with peers. 

2022 winter Meeting

February 24 - 25

Accounting Innovation Center, Kansas City, MO

2022 fall Meeting

September 8 - 9

Accounting Innovation Center, Kansas City, MO