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Improve Your Email Communication with Video

Are you looking for a way to have your emails to clients stand out? Video is an excellent tool to help you create engaging content and improve communications. Not only can using video make your messages more memorable, but it can also save time by connecting with potential clients or colleagues without needing to be in person. In this article, I'm sharing a tool we've been using to successfully add videos to prospecting and sales emails.

How we use BombBomb video messaging

BombBomb is a video email marketing platform that allows you to include customized videos in your emails.

We recently added BombBomb videos into our prospecting and sales process. I can easily record a short video—I keep mine to one minute or less—telling prospects about a Boomer Circle they might be a good fit for and asking them to schedule a call to learn more about it.

The animated preview embedded in the email encourages the recipient to click on it to watch the video. As a result, I've noticed an uptick in both the number of responses we get to these cold emails and response time.

BombBomb is a new addition to our prospecting process so we don't have metrics yet. However, according to BombBomb, incorporating video messaging into communications results in a 120% increase in response rates and a 67% increase in lead conversion.

Other ways to incorporate video into your email communications

Sales and prospecting emails aren't the only way to use video in your email communications. Some other ideas for how you might incorporate video into your processes include:

  • Demonstrating a new technology with screen sharing

  • Sending holiday greetings

  • Reminding clients about upcoming deadlines

  • Training employees on new processes

  • Introducing new team members to clients

  • Creating video tutorials for frequently asked questions

  • Answering client questions quickly with a personalized video response

  • Following up after meetings or events

One essential tip to remember when incorporating video into your emails is to let the video take the place of text in your email—don't duplicate your efforts.

When we send emails with BombBomb, the text portion of the email is very short. The text encourages the recipient to watch the video to get more information.

How video can improve your process

Everyone is looking for ways to increase their capacity and have more time for higher value, strategic work and video can provide that boost.

While recording a short, personalized video take a few extra seconds on the front end, because it generates a better response rate, you can spend less time following up on emails or re-explaining things included in your email.

You can also have a few pre-recorded videos that you use repeatedly for multiple clients. For example, while we customize the video with our initial prospecting email, we have a canned video we repeatedly use for prospects that don't respond to our initial outreach within a few weeks. This saves time because we're not recording a second personalized video for each individual. If we still don't get a response to our second attempt, we try another method (ex: phone call). Some companies use canned videos to answer frequently asked questions that they receive from their clients. For example, a client is trying to figure out how to access their online portal, this is the perfect scenario to use BombBomb’s screen sharing feature to walk the client through how to access their online portal.

Using video in emails can also improve the client experience by providing an engaging and dynamic visual component and connecting our team members to clients and prospects without meeting in-person.

Video content in your email communications is a powerful way to eliminate lengthy descriptions and streamline the client experience. It can also help you convey your message in an engaging and concise way that just isn't feasible with text-based emails. Hopefully, this post has provided some useful insights on how incorporating video into your communication process can improve your processes and help grow your firm.


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