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Integrating People, Process, and Change: A Pathway to Growth for Your Firm

As firm leaders grapple with new technologies, new working models and a persistent talent shortage, they are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating people, processes, and change management to foster sustainable growth.  

This integration isn’t just a strategic advantage—it’s vital to build capacity, create capabilities and ensure that your staff and clients are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern business world. 

Building capacity and creating capabilities 

At the heart of any successful accounting firm is the capacity to manage current demands and anticipate and adapt to future challenges. Capacity isn’t just about hours. It encompasses the firm's ability to build capabilities both internally and externally.  

For clients, this means providing them with the tools and knowledge to engage more effectively with the firm's processes, enhancing the value delivered and fostering a deeper, more collaborative relationship. 

Building these capabilities requires a holistic approach that includes all levels of staff—not just your accountants and CPAs. Every member of the firm, from your admin team to partners and C-suite leaders, plays a crucial role in the ongoing evolution of the firm's processes. The question is, what processes are necessary to support this evolution? 

The challenge of change without a framework 

One of the most significant hurdles to effectively integrating people, process and change is the lack of a structured change management framework in many firms. Change, by its nature, is challenging.  

Many firm leaders focus on organizational shifts, but as the adage goes, “organizations don't change; people do,” and they drive organizational growth. Without a framework to drive the personal side of change, change becomes a source of disruption rather than a catalyst for growth. 

This is why change leadership is so crucial. Initiatives to build capabilities and differentiate the firm must be driven by the Managing Partner and the leadership team. Without their active involvement and endorsement, efforts to change will likely flounder, occurring in silos, if at all, leading to a fragmented team rowing in different directions. 

The role of process improvement and change management 

For growth to be sustainable, process improvement must be an ongoing endeavor—not a one-time initiative. This requires a commitment to identifying and implementing improvements and to ensuring these improvements are supported by a robust change management framework.  

You may develop this framework internally or source it externally, but its presence is non-negotiable. 

Integrating people, processes and change isn’t a journey your firm should undertake in isolation. A peer group like the Boomer Managing Partner Circle offers a community of leaders focused on these challenges. Connecting with other leaders who are open to sharing valuable insights, shared experiences, and a support network can significantly enhance your ability to navigate change effectively. 

Integrating people, process and change can help you build a resilient, adaptable firm capable of surviving and thriving in the face of change. This requires a commitment from the top down to invest in building capabilities, a willingness to embrace change at all levels of the organization and an understanding that the journey is continuous. With the right framework, leadership and community, your firm can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth. 


Do you want to connect with other Managing Partners in the accounting profession to improve performance and grow your firm? 

The Boomer Managing Partner Circle is a peer group of Managing Partners from successful and growing firms. Apply now to gain a network of trusted peers to call on as you shape your firm for the future.  


As Shareholder and Chief Operating Officer for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Arianna Campbell helps accounting firms focus on the people part of change by leading process improvement initiatives that increase capacity to create more value internally and externally. Arianna is adept at blending concepts from process improvement and change leadership to drive innovation and continuous improvement.

Arianna facilitates the development and cultivation of Process Managers, Project Managers and Change Leaders in the Boomer Process Circle.



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