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3 Tips to Develop Fresh Content Ideas

Like many firm marketers, we're always looking for fresh ideas to inspire our content marketing strategy. Many businesses struggle to generate compelling content that resonates with current and potential clients. You don't need to be a creative writer or experienced marketer—armed with some useful tips, anyone can produce innovative ideas consistently.

So today, we'll share the three essential steps we use to develop fresh content ideas. With these strategies, you can start creating meaningful conversations around important topics that resonate well with current customers and prospects.

Have an overall marketing plan

The backbone of our strategic approach lies in our digital marketing plan. This comprehensive roadmap addresses the Boomer Bulletin articles we publish every three to four weeks, new podcasts we create weekly, blog posts, videos, and other social media content. Our digital marketing plan outlines our marketing goals and tactics and serves as a beacon that guides our content creation.

The plan plans around our service offerings and identifies key themes relevant to our target audience to be addressed throughout the year. This ensures that our content remains focused, consistent, and aligned with our overarching marketing objectives. By doing so, we avoid haphazard content creation and instead produce thoughtfully planned material that best resonates with our current and potential clients.

Engage with front-line employees regularly

Every quarter, we reach out to consultants to tap into their wealth of knowledge and insights. This engagement forms a crucial part of our content generation process. As they interact with clients regularly, consultants provide first-hand information about the trends, challenges and topics that continually surface during engagements.

We involve them in brainstorming sessions, during which we identify potential clients to interview for our podcast series. These interviews provide valuable content that resonates with our audience because they feature real-world scenarios and practical solutions. We also ask about topics or FAQs that keep coming up during engagements and incorporate these themes into our content plan.

This process ensures that our content stays relevant and insightful, addressing the concerns and interests of our clients.

Repurpose content

One of our favorite strategies to keep the content fresh and engaging is repurposing older articles and blog posts into podcast ideas. We understand that different segments of our audience prefer different mediums for consuming content. Some enjoy reading, while others prefer listening to the content while commuting or during their downtime.

This is where repurposing comes in. By turning our well-received written content into auditory format, we cater to different audience preferences and breathe new life into existing content. We scan our past articles and blog posts, identifying the ones that were popular or received positive feedback.

These topics are then transformed into podcast episodes, allowing us to delve deeper into the subject matter. This mode of content delivery often lets us expand on ideas, providing additional insights or inviting industry experts to share their views, thus adding a new dimension to the original content. This strategy allows us to maximize our content's potential while consistently delivering value to our audience.

Being intentional with creating content makes a big difference in the quality of your team's content. If you take the time to properly plan out how you will create content ahead of time, it will be more effective and reduce the stress and pressure associated with having to produce output on tight deadlines.


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As a Marketing Coordinator for Boomer Consulting, Inc., Emilie is excited to complement her social media content creation skills and learn more about other aspects of marketing. Her primary focus is managing the company’s website, collaborating with the sales team on marketing campaigns, and assisting with webinars, video content and design work to represent the company’s brand and services.


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