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E131 - 3 Ways to Develop, Upskill and Educate in the Year Ahead

Welcome to the Boomer Briefing Podcast, where we help you solve a critical business issue in 20 minutes or less.

On this episode, Boomer President, Sandra Wiley and Danielle McCormick, Chief Executive Officer of Spiirall discuss nontraditional candidates, going global, proactive PTO, DEI as a norm, the soft skills gap, expanding employee experience, and the HR role in the firm.

Sandra on Social Media: Twitter: @sandrawiley

LinkedIn: @sandrawiley


Danielle/Spiirall on Social Media: LinkedIn: @danielle-mccormick-06631873

Spiirall Facebook: @SpiirallFB

Spiirall LinkedIn: @spiirall

Spiirall Instagram: @spiirall.insta

Look out for new episodes every Tuesday, involving The Boomer Advantage 5 Pillars of a Successful Firm: leadership, process, technology, talent, and growth.

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